Occupy Barstool

by Karin Brown

For all the Stoolies out there, here’s a new one: Occupy Boston attacks Barstool? For those who don’t know, Barstool Sports is a massive blog dedicated to bringing out hilarious, inappropriate, vulgar, and sometimes unnecessary material used to bring about a laugh. It’s oddly addicting and very risque. One of the latest blogs sheds light on the Occupy Boston nut and Knockout Boston attacking the Stool. Occupy Boston reps state:

We are appalled by Barstool’s degradation of women, perpetuation of the rape culture and the willful harassment of activists“.

Does Barstool Sports really do all of this with it’s posts? Nobody is being forced to read these things, they choose to. Barstool replies:

“The people who hate us are just people who hate life, hate fun, hate men and hate America.”

Does Barstool show disrespect to anyone they see fit? Yes, but they also tell some of the blunt truth believe it or not, even if its at the expense of someone’s feelings. They hit the heart of the cynical college student.

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