Deaf People Can Do Everything Except Hear

By Raven Heroux

I know, it’s crazy, right?

I don’t come from Deaf Culture, but through my American Sign Language (ASL) classes and attending Deaf events, I’ve learned a lot about the culture. I also used the power of the internet to find out what Deaf people were saying about their experiences with Hearing people. In my posts, I’m going to be chatting with you about d/Deafness with a few side dishes thrown in.

So let’s start off with a list: Things (Some) Hearing People Say and Do That They Should Not Say or Do.

  1. “Oh, you’re deaf?” [shouts] “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?”
  2. “What language do deaf people think in?”
  3. Refer to them as hearing impaired, disabled, handicapped, etc.
  4. “Can deaf people read?”
  5. Hand a deaf customer a braille menu in a restaurant.
  6. “Oh, you’re deaf? You must know Sally. She’s deaf too.”
  7. Assume deaf people only date other deaf people.
  8. “When people yawn, do deaf people think they’re screaming?”
  9. Stare.


If you want to know more about Deaf Culture, the internet is your friend! Past that, you can search for Deaf Events in your area to learn more.

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