Do You Really Want Your Daughter to be a Social Alien?

“We do not allow her to have Facebook, we limit her cell phone usage, give her periodic Internet usage…” this is the type of parenting Caitlin Flanagan, writer for The Atlantic is influencing in her new book “Girl Land”. One can only wonder, what’s next? Turtlenecks? Eight p.m. curfews? Chastity belts?

With the opening line, “Every woman I've known describes her adolescence as the most psychologically intense period of her life…” you’d think she actually have a degree and/or study to give her the authority to say so.

Parents, like Flanagan are so scared of sex, “hooking up”, drinking that they want to lock their daughters up like Zoo Animals, allowing them to engage with others from the outside only under close surveillance. But let’s face it, we are no longer in a time where the boyfriend comes to the door and asks Daddy permission to take out his daughter. Heck, were not even in a time of the boyfriend. Instead of going back in time, Flanagan and other parents, writers, etc. need to find an appropriate way to approach parenting of the millenium generation. This is isn’t the Golden Years.

When it comes down to it, no matter how strict you may be, teens have the technology and the stealth to find a way to get around the rules.

I did.

We can lie through our teeth, we can sneak stealthily around the house, we can give you those princess eyes to ensure you, that yes; Bobby’s parents are going to be home. I lied to my parents hundreds of times so that I could sneak around with cute boys.

So it’s your choice. Develop a relationship that makes your child want to lie to you or establish a relationship that makes your child feel guilty for lying to you.

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