Get into local music!

by Kerry Clayton

For those college students who are bored with staying in a dorm each Friday night, listening to the same music from your friend’s iPod, there’s a solution: Checking out the local music scene gives you something fresh to explore during the weekend. For fans of local music, Boston is a great place to be.

Boston is a city built on pride. Our music, our sports, our accents: whatever it is, good or bad, it is ours. But it is in that pride that Boston music has built an insular tendency toward thriving within the scene as an end in itself.

The Boston Phoenix

There are many ways to find and listen to local bands from Boston online. For one, there’s a live podcast specifically for local music called The Boston Local Music Show, which features different alternative bands from in and around Boston. Another way to explore and familiarize yourself with these local bands is a website called Bandcamp. They specifically have a section for artists local to the Boston area.


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