This Week’s Agenda: Learn Guitar

I had wanted to learn guitar since I was young. This wish had soon died after my brother decided to learn and made me never want to hear “Smoke On the Water” again.

This past week though my friend had convinced me to take a lesson with him.

Excited at the opportunity, I was still nervous. Considering my only experience with an instrument was playing the recorder in fourth grade.

The lesson had about four people and the teacher. We went around the room talking about our familiarity with guitar. Considering I bought the instrument a week before, I was far from Jimmy Hendrix.

Luckily the teacher was hopeful and taught us the most basic chords. Learning was easier than I had expected. Although the instructor did inform us that our fingertips may develop these fun things called calluses.

After the lesson, I realized that this was not a completely hopeless goal. Can I play a song? No, but I can play a mean E chord if you’re interested.

Here are some helpful links to learn guitar:


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