This Week’s Game Plan: Champion State of MInd

As the hall ways of Emmanuel College flooded with colors of  reds, whites, and blues, one of the greatest week have arrived once again this year. It is the Super Bowl week, and it is as electrifying as ever. This year is a rematch between two bitter rivals. The New England Patriots and the New York Giants. A rivalry that doesn’t stop at football but in all factors of life. It is the New York vs Boston rivalry. This rivalry does not solely end of professional sports teams. As many athletes such as my self, take it upon them to beat any New Yorker at any sports, no matter what it might be. You feel a sense of entitlement in terms of having to beat them and letting them know whose boss. These two cities that are so similar but yet so different. They both have some of the best sports teams, but As a Bostonian, I know my city is hands down the greatest sports town of all time. As Stephan A. Smith, a writer from ESPN explains,

“All told, while Boston has one championship apiece from the Celtics (2008) and the Bruins (’11), two from the Red Sox (’04 and ’07) and three from the Patriots (’01, ’03 and ’04) — clearly qualifying it as the best sports town in America — New York has a grand total of three in that span: two from the Yankees (’00 and ’09) and one from the Giants (’07)…”

As the Super Bowl has almost arrived, it is clear who wants it more, and who deserves it more. Boston fans come from all ages and support their team whether they are up or down. The teams gain a type of success New Yorkers haven’t known about in some years, and this weekend another Boston sports team will show why New Yorkers are no competition in any sport.


Each week I will discussion a big sports event that is happening, that has captured the minds of sports fans everywhere.


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