I Think Therefore I Move

Since the 1970s, more dancers have been seeking training in somatics. These mind-body techniques replace the rigorous, physical exercises of traditional dance classes with natural approaches that center on listening to bodily cues arising from breadth, touch and movement.

“It is empowering, satisfying, and feels good,” says the energetic, blue-eyed, Kristen Young.

The unity of the mind, body and spirit are fundamental to one’s inner, personal story and experience, offering a layer of consciousness and body wisdom. Guided exploration is designed to improve coordination and anatomical re-education.

“I remember feeling like myself, as opposed to forcing my body to move and look like another human being,” says the dance instructor about her first somatic experiences. “I was gripping, grabbing sucking in, everything I could do to mimic my teacher – it really hurt!”

Kinesthesia is enhanced in a non-judgmental and supportive environment where sensory awareness is used to extend mobility…

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