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Fashion rebellion and college students have long been synonymous. Who hasn’t heard of someone going away to school and coming back with a leather jacket and few new piercings?

While tattoos and nose rings are no unusual sight around our college town, recently young fashion devotees have kicked it up the notch, using hair color as their new form of self-expression.

“I just decided to go for it. It’s not as permanent as a tattoo or piercing but you still feel kind of rebellious, and it looks really cool too.” says Emmanuel College sophomore Marlee Brown of her new purple hair. Brown dip dyed her chestnut tips dark violet, creating an hombre effect that’s been blowing up fashion magazines everywhere.

While Brown used semi-permanent purple dye to liven up her locks, those who want the cool factor without the commitment can turn to another popular trend: chalk dying.

Emmanuel sophomore Tara Watson took this route when infusing her light blond hair with purple, pink, and turquoise. “It only lasts a few days, so I can change colors if I want to or just have my natural hair color back at any time.” she says of this commitment-less technique. Watson simply twisted different sections of her hair and rubbed different colored oil pastels on each area. The result is spirals saturated in bright colors, making a bold statement.

Brown recommends Manic Panic brand dye for those interested in a longer lasting shades, while for those new to the hair experimentation world, any oil pastels will suffice.

photo: Tara Watson

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