Barstool Blackout Shenanigans

by: Barstool Sports

by: Karin Brown

Almost every college student in Boston knew about Barstool Blackout coming to the Bean. It was a serious party. Mayor Menino was afraid of the promotion of underage drinking. His spokesperson commented to the Boston Herald:

“He’s concerned about anything that promotes excessive drinking to the point of blacking out,” said Menino spokeswoman Dot Joyce. “It’s not a good message for anyone in our city, especially students.”

The article also outlines the instances of arrests or underage drinking and fights that have taken place at Barstool Blackout parties in other college towns. Barstool reacted with a swift kick right in the gut to the accusations with an answer and explanation for each, that are pretty realistic:

“My answer to him was that we are no different than any other college aged concert.  When you stick 3,000 kids in a room together there is the potential for somebody to get arrested or somebody underage trying to get in.  GASP   But I don’t see people protesting Country Fest, Deadmau, Dayglow or basically any other concert that anybody under 21 goes to.   That Menino didn’t seem to have a problem throwing Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa concerts on city Hall with 30,000 underage kids all  fucked up rioting on the subway with no police or crowd control.”

Ouch. But on a serious note, Barstool Blackout obviously promotes drinking, but not necessarily underage. No underage drinking is allowed at the party and they have security to back it up. Besides the party is really a blackout party with black lights and the whole deal. That still didn’t stop the protesters against Barstool Blackout. Are you really against a giant party? College students are going to drink whether there is a blackout party or not, get used to it Boston.


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