Meatless Meals Aren’t So Bad

by Danielle Gillette

This week I began my part-time vegetarian adventure. The first thing I noticed was that a lot of the meals I eat on a daily basis don’t contain meat products anyway, but that’s likely because I’m a broke college student and meat is expensive.

In the spirit of my experiment, I made the conscious effort to go two whole days eating only vegetarian meals. For example, on Tuesday instead of having pasta with bolognese sauce for lunch, I chose plain marinara and added asparagus to it; dinner was cheese and potato pierogi courtesy of the frozen food aisle at Stop and Shop.Both meals were delicious, by the way.

I think the challenge for me is going to come when trying to do vegan days. Thankfully, I found a handy chart over at that shows easy substitutes for various meat and dairy products.

My goal for this coming week? Find a replacement- be it soy, almond, or rice- for dairy milk, and have one all-vegan meal day.

Milk Substitutes in Whole Foods

Photo: wooac/Flickr CC


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