Not your Grandma’s music!

By, Kerry Clayton

Last year, local musicians Josh Knowles and Rhett Price attracted fans by playing in the Boston Commons. During these spontaneous “shows,” the duo would play covers of popular singles with their own spin.

Josh and Rhett compose their own arrangements of these popular songs, bringing something old and something new to their music. Their aim was to show young music lovers that classical music can still be enjoyed today. Check out their YouTube page!

Rhett and Josh performing “Toxic.”

The duo put these performances on hold while they worked on other projects. Rhett received an opportunity to tour Texas with the Bart Crow Band, while John worked on promoting his band, Nemes’, second album.

I met Josh and Rhett when a mutual friend got the two to play for an Emmanuel College Radio show. When they perform, these boys have an attention grabbing presence and are extremely talented, both having attended Berklee College of Music.

Rhett Price is back in Boston for short while and during this time, the talented duo will team up once again to play for free in the Boston Commons and possibly some small shows around the city. Keep an eye out to catch them live!

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