Attend A Protest

Never having attended a protest before, I have always been curious to see what one would be like.

Source: Nora CashellSo when I heard of a protest against the MBTA’s new budget proposal at the Boston Public Library on Monday, I went to observe.

The MBTA currently has a $160 million deficit. Looking to make up for the loss, the company has proposed new plans that will include cutting some weekend transportation services and raising ticket fares.

Upon hearing the news, many riders were furious and set up a protest this past Monday at the BPL.

Source: Nora CashellThe crowd consisted of many senior citizens and high school students who rely on the T every day for public transportation. Many protestors were holding signs saying “What The Fare” and “Occupy MBTA”.

Some protestors were passing out literature, while others were chanting “Keep The Bus”. There were also people taking turns with the microphone about the issue at hand, while the crowd cheered them on.

Overall, the protest seemed to help people who were frustrated with the MBTA’s new proposal and brought attention to the issue.


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