Coolidge Award 2012: Viggo Mortensen

By Brittany Carragher

Congratulations Viggo Mortensen! He is the 2012 recipient of the Coolidge Award.

This is the 9th year that the Coolidge Corner Theatre is presenting the award. Actor, Viggo    Mortensen, will receive his award on Monday, March 5.

Coolidge Corner Theatre is located in Brookline MA, on 290 Harvard Street. Tickets for the event are currently sold out.

The Coolidge Corner Theatre notes some of Mortensen’s accomplishments:

“Mortensen has been featured in over 40 films and has worked with  many renowned independent filmmakers including Jane Campion Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio / Getty Images(ThePortrait of A Lady), Sean Penn (The Indian Runner), Gus Van Sant (Psycho), Brian De Palma (Carlito’s Way), and David Cronenberg (A History of Violence, Eastern Promises). In 2001 director Peter Jackson cast Mortensen in a leading role for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, launching him to mainstream acclaim and cult status.”

I think Mortensen is a great choice to receive this award. Most remember his performance in, the Lord of The Rings trilogy. However, his 2009 award-winning film The Road, is a quality film and one of my favorites.

I’m glad Mortensen is getting some local recognition. The Coolidge Theatre will be screening The Road, and other Mortensen films in his honor.

 “The Road has a breathtaking beauty and brilliantly nuanced performances by Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee (Let Me In) that deserve to be revisited, and what better way than in the context of the Coolidge Award’s repertory screening series.”

Mortensen has many other accomplishments other than being a talented actor. He is a renowned photographer, musician, painter and poet. Mortensen has also released several CD’s, which I would love to check out. There is no doubt that Mortensen is a talented actor. It is too bad that the tickets for this event are sold out because I would love to meet him.

Above image courtesy of Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio/Getty Image.

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