just get over it already?

This past Sunday, the 54th Annual Grammy Awards honored R&B artist Chris Brown; the same R&B artist who attacked his girlfriend Rihanna after the same award ceremony in 2009.

The most ironic part about the whole thing? The evening was centered around honoring Whitney Houston’s death, who for years endured the domestic abuse of ex-husband Bobby Brown.

To ignore that he hospitalized a woman the industry adores, three years ago to date seems too much of an oversight to escape comment. Bullying, a common issue in today’s schools and society, is certainly perpetuated by such messages: the abuser is a hero and the victim ought to get over it. The young girls watching saw exactly how that played out.

Even worse? The rumors surfacing that Chris Brown and Rihanna will be collaborating on a remix of her song “Birthday Cake,” or that the two are rekindling their romance. While the two have not confirmed that they are getting back together, it seems inevitable, especially after Brown attended Rihanna’s birthday party this week, where “Sources claim the pair sat next to each other, talked and held hands.”

But no worries…

“This is now perfectly legal since the restraining order imposed after he beat up the Umbrella singer was lifted”…

It seems a little, for lack of a better word, effed up that the Recording Academy decided a night dedicated to Whitney Houston’s passing would be the proper time and place to welcome Chris Brown back with open arms.


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