Linsanity Edition: Whats a Sports Story without an Underdog?

By: Mitch Moise

As I sat back watching a Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks play against the mightly Los Angles Lakers, all I could think about is how is he doing it? A guy no team wanted is now beating an elite professional basketball team.  Lin would fly across the court and score with ease but days before, people wouldn’t have known whether or not he was a trainer or pro basketball player. You might at time hate these kind of players, when they play your favorite team but in the end they carry the underdog card which has you rooting for them.

Lin, who played college basketball at Harvard was a virtual no body in the NBA before last week, and now he the toast of the city of New York. He was revived the idea of being the underdog. It gets to a point everyone either hates or loves the underdog but cant get enough of them. That is what make sports loveable.

Lin and Tebow, two guys who weren’t supposed to make it but did, and two guys who happily and repeatedly pass on credit to teammates rather than hogging all the glory, have been two of the best stories in all of American pro sports over the past calendar year. These two underdogs took over a world that’s far too often dominated by contract disputes, locker room quarrels and arrest warrants.—-

Lin has become the guy people idolize instead of the big name character who lives in his big mansion with his fancy cars.  I am a big Boston Celtics fan and I still want the Knicks to lose by 100 each game but I cant help but want the Lin kid to do well. He went from sleeping in his brothers coach in New York to because a city legend. The true definition of the underdog. In sports you come across the guy or girl , you can only want to do well, because he is doing something most ordinary people could only dream of. It is what connects the average person with the sports world. Watching the guy no body wanted, do something no body can imagined



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