Now Trending: Grammy Awards

I suppose some people watch the Grammy Awards because they are invested in their favorite musical artists, or maybe because they appreciate it as a somewhat historical event.

I watch it for the clothes.

While in the past, the Grammies have been a hotbed for trashy (think Jennifer Lopez’s infamous green piece circa 2000) and bizarre (Lady Gaga’s futuristic fail in 2010, anybody?) this year kept the monstrosities to a minimum. The best of the best leaned towards classic cuts and style, with a refreshing dose of old-Hollywood glamour.

High necklines flattered such stars as Katy Perry and Adele, dazzling in Ellie Saab and Armani Prive, respectively. Carrie Underwood hopped in on the action with a stunning white number by Gomez-Garcia.

Others who escaped the fashion police with award-winning style included Taylor Swift in gold Zuhair Mohad, Rihanna in Armani, and Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward.

While the dresses were definitely taken to the next level, as with any awards show, there were certainly some losers.

While I am a huge fan of stepping outside the box, Fergie’s orange Jean Paul Gautier should have been kept in the box- the crayon box. The color, combined with the fact that it revealed her black underwear, made for a less than lovely Halloween effect.

Speaking of Halloween, Nicki Minaj seemed to think she was attending a costume party. The rapper appeared in a little red riding hood- meets- the Davinci Code red hooded number, complete with a full skirt with an embroidered face. As a finishing touch she was escorted down the red carpet by a man dressed as the Pope. The whole charade was god-awful, to say the  least.


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