oh.. Valentine’s Day?

By: Sara Berthiaume

Ballroom Theieves during "A Fair of the Heart" @ EC

While some see this “holiday” as still something created by card companies – and for the most part it seems that way, it’s a day to spread love in the world. The lovely community of Emmanuel College came together to do just so at CASE’s “A Fair of the Heart” on Sunday afternoon.

Last week, students had the opportunity to fill out EC Match forms where they were given a questionnaire and were then matched up with likely good friends and relationship options at Emmanuel. These results were handed out at Sunday’s event as well as some good feelings with 2 chocolate fountains, candy, snacks and a lovely acoustic band! The Ballroom Theieves serenaded the brunch crowd in the JYC atrium as students were passing through.

Although many are relieved that this “holiday” has passed, it’s nice to know that you don’t need to have that one significant other to enjoy this delightful day.


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