Weirdest BC fan ever

We all know how pissed every Pats fan in the Boston area is in some serious hate water towards anything New York or Giants. The recent loss to the Rangers by the Bruins isn’t making matters better. But here’s a guy Bartstool Sports found who has taken the stereotypical Boston fan obnoxiousness and turned it around to meet his own ends.

El Pres says:

 What is this guy’s deal? This guy is a BC fan? Really? Since when are  homeless massholes on the green line BC fans? That makes no sense. Seems like this guy should be a Northeastern fan right?  Or maybe a Salem State fan?   Although once he started with his Tom Coughlin bit I was sold. That’s very BC like.

Sports fans all hate to see their teams lose. Especially Boston or New York fans and it’s even worse when one beats the other. Boston is in mourning. But this apparently intoxicated Boston College fan is making the most of his situation. Tom Coughlin is a great man, who better than a Boston fan on the T to say it?


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