One Big Fight Scene

By Ian Robinson

Charging across the field, our heroes cross into the zombie infested school playground and commence to slash, slay and slaughter all the zombie children. Writing this part was difficult. Instead of having them talk to each other in regular dialogue format, the screenplay for this week was one big fight scene. This part is dominated by the moves our characters made, rather than what words they spoke.

In order to successfully write a fight scene, I looked up how to do so. This was very helpful in my attempt to write a fight scene that truly captivated the audience.

Our heroes, having beaten and bashed much of the zombies outside the school, now decide to make their way into the school. Now inside, barring the door behind them, they continue down the long, dark hallways of the school. I attempted to switch this into a horror scene, rather than a slasher film. A good movie, to me, always has a little of almost every kind of film genre. As our characters begin to explore the school, the hallways turn pitch black. This part of the movie, will not have sound save a few important scenes. For example, when they are walking, Denten turns his flashlight to the wall and sees large claw marks highlighted in blood. This gives the audience a clue that there is something bigger than normal hiding in the school. I get as far as our characters, Denten and Zim, are exploring the school.


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