Getting Started

By Ian Robinson

It was going to be just another zombie apocalypse movie. The kind of movies you see where the people get there insides eaten by mindless, decaying dead people. This, however, was going to be different. My roommate and myself wanted to create a movie so bloody and terrifying that people would be shocked when they exited the movie theater. The point was to develop a screenplay that trumped all others. In order to do this, we would #1.) find out how to write a screenplay #2.) research all there is to know zombies, and #3.) write it. While searching for how to write a screenplay, this came up which informed us on how to make a screenplay.

Instead of following these steps, we skipped directly to writing the skit. Various ideas were exchanged and the first page of our skit was written. The first scene focused on two characters, Denten and Zim.  They overlook a field, caged in by a fence surrounding an old school playground. Inside the gates are decaying children walking around, this would be the first scene.


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