A Potential Loss for Victory Records

by Kerry Clayton

Earlier today, the Ska band Streetlight Manifesto asked their fans to actively boycott their music. The announcement was made on their official Tumblr page, and apparently is due to a disagreement with the band’s own profits. The band’s blog post states:

“It is and has been for quite some time our position that Victory Records is an artist-hostile, morally corrupt and generally dishonest company, with whom we have had the displeasure of being associated due to a contract that was signed years ago.”

The post basically states that Streetlight would rather fans buy their music and merchandise directly from them at their shows or even illegally online, just to keep the record company from gaining profits. The sheer fact that they condone the usage of illegal downloads is a testament to how passionate the band is about their music.

Part of Streetlight Manifesto’s dispute with the record company has put a delay on their new album, announced a few weeks ago. Streetlight hails from my home state, New Jersey, and as a fan of the band, I’m psyched for the new album!

According to a blog post from Under the Gun Review, Streetlight Manifesto is not the only bad who has had an issue with Victory Records. Hopefully this dispute ends when their contract is up this summer.

Streetlight Manifesto performs “Failing, Flailing” live.

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