Best burrito in Boston

By Laurie-Ann Mansir

I’m going on a quest to find the best burrito in Boston.


I’ve been living in Boston for nearly three years now, and while being here, I’ve eaten lots of burritos. I’m a full time student and I work 30 hours a week to pay for rent, so I’m constantly on the go and often too tired to cook dinner or too forgetful to pack a lunch. The burrito is the perfect on the go meal. It’s like a little wrapped present of delicious nutrition that hits nearly every food group; protein, dairy, vegetables, and grains all come together in a tortilla blanket of love that you can conveniently eat with one hand.

According to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America, the first burrito in America didn’t pop up until the 1930s. The first restaurant to put the burrito on the menu was El Cholo Spanish Café ( in Los Angeles. Since then, the burrito has been taking precedence in our restaurants and cafes. From family owned businesses to large chain restauarnts, we’re seeing the burrito everywhere. It’s hip, it’s now, and it’s delicious.


I’m going to eat every burrito in Boston I can find and determine where the best mexican food comes from. Hopefully I’ll find it before I gain 20 lbs.

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