Finally Trying Tofu

By Danielle Gillette
Despite the fact that I know tofu is important to a vegetarian/vegan diet, I’ve been avoiding it for the last few weeks. I had never eaten tofu before, and I was worried that it wouldn’t taste very good.

See? Looks delicious, right? Photo: Danielle Gillette

This past Wednesday night, though, I plucked up my courage and hopped in the stir fry line in the Emmanuel cafeteria to give tofu a chance. I had heard that how good tofu tastes depends on what you cook it with, and I could think of nothing tastier than sesame hoisin sauce, rice, and stir fried vegetables.

What I had heard turned out to be true- the tofu didn’t have its own distinctive taste, it just blended in with the sauce and the vegetables. The only thing that may keep me from coming back to tofu is its texture. I was expecting the cubes to be solid, but they were actually pretty soft; it threw me off a bit, but maybe if I were to try it again I would be prepared for that.
So, what is tofu anyway? Essentially, it’s soybean curd, and outlines the three main types of tofu: firm, soft, and silken.
Tofu is important in vegetarian and vegan diets as a non-animal-based protein source. It is used as an ingredient in many meat-replacement product, and there are many recipes that you can cook with tofu.
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