How to make it last?

by: Darlene Charles

This question comes up a majority of the time when a person enters a relationship. How do I make it last? How do I do the right things and not the wrong ones? How do I get him to notice me all the time and not become too comfortable and complacent in the relationship? How do I give him the desires of his heart? How do I make this relationship last?

All these questions are asked, but the answer to these questions are simple. Communication!

                           Photo: Clayton Bruster

If there is no communication, you and the person that you are in a relationship with will not know what the other wants. In order to measure up to his standards, and him to yours, there must, I repeat MUST, be a foundation of talking, getting to know your partner better, and knowing the desires of each other’s hearts. How would you know this, because you take the time to talk to each other. Communication is key. Ask yourself, do you have this in your relationship?


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