Now Trending: Alex&Ani, what’s the big deal?

You’ve probably heard the charms jingling, waking you up as you sit comatose in your eight o’clock class. You’ve definitely seen girls with stacks of them reaching all the way up their arms, practically weighing them down. The newest trend in girl world has arrived in the re-imagined version of the charm bracelet: Alex&Ani bracelets

Alex&Ani "inspirational words" bracelets

Alex&Ani "inspirational words" bracelets


These thin, bangle-like bracelets come in both silver and gold, each bracelet holding one charm. The charms themselves range from simple initials or birthstones to little Buddhas and mermaids. Pretty much anything any girl would ever want to hang off her wrist, Alex&Ani has a charm for it.

Beginning at $24, they aren’t exactly priceless jewels, but they are certainly a stretch for your typical college budget.

The real question is, why are these simple little bracelets SO unbelievably popular?

“They’re just cute. I saw a few people wearing them so I got one with my initials. Now I’m addicted…couldn’t tell you why. I probably have like 8 or so.” says Emmanuel College sophomore Marlee Brown of her collection. “I would buy more if I could afford it. I asked my mom for a few for my birthday. They’re just simple and versatile.”

Personally, I have nothing against these bracelets. If I had $24 to kill on Newbury St., I might even get myself one. My problem with them is how they’ve become somewhat of a status symbol, as most moderately priced trends tend to become. Every girl who sported fake Ugg boots (or Fuggs, as they have come to be known) lived in fear of people discovering her secret. In middle school you might as well have been wearing a trash bag if your coat lacked the coveted “North Face” logo.

What starts out as a cute accessory inevitably becomes a must-have item for girls.

So go get yourself one of these if they sound interesting. Treat yourself to a unicorn charm or a little pineapple. Just don’t let them take control of your wrist, your wallet, or your happiness.



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