Photography..proceed with caution

By Jasmine Barros

  The field of Photography can be  extremely dangerous, that is no surprise to those who choose to enter the field of. Over the past two years or so, I have been closely following the events of the Arab Spring and the in field Journalists who decided to cover them. I have always been interested in using the medium of Photography to depict current events more so than Fine Arts Photography. For many just starting out in the industry it is important to have your heroes,  Mine is Remi Ochlik.

Rémi Ochlik

Courtesy of Biscator

His recent passing on Wednesday definitely was shock especially, since just two weeks prior from his death he received the first prize in the general news category of the 2012 World Press Photo contest.

He is a great inspiration to me, although just 28 years old Ochlik had the ability to capture amazing images. His career started at age 20, when he began to photograph the people of Haiti and the fall of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. It was from then on that he began to receive recognition for his talent outside of his home country of France.

Ochlik was shot during his return to the Middle East. He had plans to cover the uprising in Homs, Syria. All of his colleagues were left stunned by his death because for over eight year Ochlik has been to many dangerous countries including Egypt, Tunisia and Libya and Haiti.

“Ochlik knew the job’s dangers: “He was very serious, he didn’t take risks While he was young, he had a lot of experience.” said Yoan Valat, an EPA photographer who worked and traveled with Ochlik in Morocco and Tunisia.-Associated Press 

Ochlik captured some of the most important images during the events of the Arab Spring.

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