Poor Papelbon

By Jeremy Scanlon

Anybody think Jonathan Papelbon will have a spring training interview that doesn’t involve the Red Sox? Because I don’t.

Last Saturday the Phillies pitchers and catchers reported to camp, and as he sat at the podium with the media, his recent past was unavoidable.

Just in case you studied abroad last semester, or were in a coma, here’s a reminder of what happened on September 28, 2011:

It is a shame that the man who threw the last pitch of the 2007 World Series, gave Bostonians even more reason to love “Shipping Out to Boston,” and made Dunkin’ Donuts ice coffee look so delicious has to point to this as his last moment in a Red Sox cap. In response to questions about that dreadful Wednesday night, Pap had this to say:

Joseph Kaczmarek / Associated Press

“… I don’t sit there and think about it all spring. I mean, you go over things, and you’ve got to learn from them. But you’ve got to be able to turn the page.”

Jayson Stark writes a great article here about Papelbon has a baseball player and as a personality; both being things Red Sox fans will surely miss.

The future for Papelbon, when he gets a chance to think about it, looks bright. He joins a city with (almost) as much passion for their baseball, another powerful offense, and a pitching rotation that will give him plenty of games to close out (and can probably resist the temptation of chicken and beer).

And hey, he does look good in red…

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