Quiet: No Voices Allowed!

By Raven Heroux

Ever wonder what it would be like to be hearing in a deaf world? Well now you can!

Junior Interpreting majors, Monique DuBois and Nicolette Hagman, after their duties as interpreters for the event concluded.

Deaf, Deaf World is an event held at different colleges and universities around the country targeted towards ASL1 and 2 students looking for more experience within the Deaf community. Northeastern University hosted Deaf, Deaf World on Thursday, February 23rd, in the Curry Student Center.

Collapsible tables lined the ballroom, each with a colorful poster proclaiming its identity. There was a bank, a cafe, a school, a travel agency, and anything else you may find in your typical town! Students, armed with question prompts and monopoly-eque money, roamed around and signed to one another, acting as though they were maneuvering in the “real world.”

For any announcements that need to be made during the event, the students majoring in interpreting at NEU interpreted anything that was said or signed. They wore the typical uniform for ASL interpreters: solid black for light-skinned people or solid white for dark-skinned people. The color choices make it easier for the deaf to read their hands.

Want to find ASL/deaf events in the Boston area? Check out Northeastern’s ASL events page!

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