Colorado could Pot-entially become the first state to end marijuana prohibition

Photo cred -- Dey

by Michelle Golonka

Colorado voters will have the opportunity to end marijuana prohibition in Colorado on the November 2012 ballot.

The Secretary of State’s Office announced on Monday that supporters of the legalization initiative had collected enough signatures to get their measure before voters, meaning Colorado will join Washington state in putting a recreational pot question on November ballots.

If this proposal is passed, it will allow residents over the age of 21 to have up to an ounce of marijuana, or six pot plants, for recreational use–even without a doctor’s recommendation. The proposal allows for commercial sales, though counties and cities can ban marijuana sales if they choose.

The proposed plan would allow state lawmakers to put an undetermined excise tax on sales. This tax will go toward education.

According to a Huffington Post article,

Last month the initiative backers fell just short of the required 86,000 signatures when tens of thousands were deemed invalid. But officials said a second attempt allowed under Colorado law left the campaign with more than 90,000 valid signatures.

Medical marijuana in Colorado has been in affect for years, which has paved the way for possible recreational legalization.

Question is, why won’t this issue be addressed at the national level?

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