New Season, New Sox

By Mitch Moise

With a bad beginning to the month of February, Boston fans can truly move on from a certain football game that was played and get excited for the upcoming baseball season. Pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training in Florida, which will bring a new beginning to a terrible end to last season. The Boston Redsox had one of the worse collapses in major league baseball history, after blowing a 9 game lead with a chance to make the playoffs. In the final game of the season, the team lost a heart breaker, causing them to miss the playoffs, but that’s all in the past now. Many people lost their jobs but in the end the team primarily remains the same.  The expectations continue to rise each years knowing it has been 5 years since their last championship.

2007 World Series Championship ring - Boston Red Sox

Brandon Oldenburg/Flickr


Its been a while since the Red Sox won the world series, and fan are getting antsy.  With a great team coming back, the the possibilities are endless. Just win is the motto, anything else at the end of the season is a failure.


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