Rep. Lamar Smith’s new internet censorship legislation.

by Michelle Golonka

Rep. Lamar Smith (R – Texas), center.

[Source — Flickr]

Rep. Lamar Smith, author of SOPA, is at it again with “Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act” or PCIP. The PCIP Act would require Internet providers to retain archives of everyone’s online activity for up to 18 months, including phone records, websites visited and bank-account data.

This particular bill would be very difficult to argue against. Nobody can easily argue AGAINST a bill that claims to be protecting children anybody who tries to criticize or offer amendments can be accused of being ‘pro-childporn’.

This is exactly the same reason why the sex-offender laws just become progressively more harsh. It’s a good ‘tough on crime’ stance to take…and despite how ineffective and impossible they might make life for those convicted – anybody who tries to change things will be labelled as ‘pro-sex-offender’.

Unfortunately people don’t actually think about what they are often blindly supporting–they hear the name of a bill like this and make their decision about its value immediately, without even researching it.

Anything for the children, right?

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