Street Art Boston pt. 1

Jessica Reynolds

ImageI’m trying to keep up to date with art in America now. I was abroad for a bit, and I feel I’ve lost touch. So in an attempt to reconnect with the American art scene, I went to I grew up loving their clothes being influenced by their skate and surf team lifestyle. What set them apart for me was their value of art, and to make a long story longer over the years I’ve turned to their blog about art with admiration.

Anyways, today I checked out their site where I watched a video on their homepage about an art exhibit showing street art. It’s outdated (posted four months ago) but it reminded me another street art exhibit that the ICA of Boston had a couple years back (even more outdated), which showcased work from Shepard Fairey, no stranger to the art or skate world.

Time frame aside, it struck a nerve with me. Once the artwork goes into the museum, it institutionalizes the piece, altering its intended meaning.

Call ME outdated with this post-modern view, but I think its value stands true. Shouldn’t street art be left for the seeker, not framed for all to stare?

Or do street artists use the streets because of its accessibility, and when given the opportunity to exhibit, should they take it? I don’t know if every artist wants to end up on a t-shirt sold at Urban Outfitters…

…But maybe they do.

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