That Indie Girl, What a Woman.

By Meghan Tschaikowsky

Her name is The Indie Woman. She has come here from adweek to teach us an important lesson. Are you ready? Listen carefully…

We are different from other generations. We do not need to be married by 25.

Young and ready for the world! Photo by:Danielle Roth

In my friend group alone, there have been six long-term-relationship break-ups (mine included) within this past year. Within every single one of those break-ups, there has been at least one party member who has stated, “I could really picture us getting married” (no, I was not the one to say that during my breakup fiasco).  Time after time, I say the same exact thing to each of my friends: WE ARE SO YOUNG!

What is this, the 50s? Are we going to school solely to find our ideal mate? No! We are young women who have amazing opportunities ahead of us. The clock isn’t ticking; we shouldn’t feel pressured to get married at the mere age of 26 (although I do remember that being my plan when I was 10) and pop out some kids two years later (also my a part of my plan).

What a breath of fresh air this article was. As the Indie Girl does, we should focus on our careers. As

How nice to

“work late or go out late, and bring home whoever [we] want”.

So friends, step on the brakes! Don’t rush these things! Not saying that you never want to settle down and have some babies, but take it from The Indie Girl: You do you for a while.

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