“The Artist” Sweeping the 2012 Academy Awards

By Brittany Carragher

Photo Brittany Carragher (c)

“The Artist” wins three top Oscars. The silent black-and-white film won best picture, director, and lead actor.

Susan King and Rene Lynch of the Los Angeles Times write about the blockbuster:

It was a night filled with firsts — and an especially good night for the French. “The Artist” was the first silent film to nab best picture honors since the first Academy Awards were held in 1929, when “Wings” took the top prize. And for the first time in Academy Awards history, a French actor (Jean Dujardin) and a French filmmaker (Michel Hazanavicius) took the academy’s top acting and directing awards.

The movie takes place during the 1920’s in Hollywood. It is about a silent movie star and his struggle with the transition to “talkies.”

I saw “The Artist” at the Coolidge Corner Theatre and really enjoyed it. The film is like nothing I have ever seen before. The actors may not talk but, they emit powerful emotion through their body language and expressions. It surprises me that a movie can say so much with silence. I highly recommend it!

Check out the trailer!


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