Long-distance relationships are hard

by: Darlene Charles

For those who have been in previous relationships and your partner lives nearby, be appreciative.  If your next relationship, let’s say it doesn’t work out, lives an hour ride away or even lives in another state, the ride is a little different.

My point is: Long-distance relationships are hard.

What do I mean by this? sadWhen you want your man or your woman to come visit you after work, and they can’t. When you or your partner don’t have time in your schedules to visit each other. You want them there, by your side. You wish you can cuddle with them while you’re watching a movie, or go out when you both have a day off. But swinging by is not that easy.

Bruno Mars states in his song: Long Distance

This long-distance is killing me.

But when you do see them, you appreciate the time that is spent with them because of how long you haven’t seen them.

Distance may be a factor, but the bond you develop with this person is stronger than a couple of miles, a bus ride, or a plane ride away.


2 thoughts on “Long-distance relationships are hard

  1. I completely agree with your last line…and trust me, a successful relationship is one where both the partners are ready to put in their best. Rest all is an excuse.

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