Deaf Community in Boston: Interview with Northeastern University Student

By Raven Heroux

Senior Sarah Honigfeld, a humanities major at Northeastern University, spoke to me about her experiences with the Deaf community in Boston.

Raven Heroux (RH): How involved are you in Deaf culture?

Sarah Honigfeld (SH): I consider myself fairly involved with the Boston Deaf community, although there’s always room for improvement! I work full-time right now, limiting the amount of time I can spend out in the community and attending events. However, I do make a point to attend local events for young Deaf adults and ASL students to stay in touch and meet people my age.

RH: What types of events go on in the Deaf community in Boston?

Photo by JustUptown (Flickr/CC)

SH: There are many events that happen regularly in the Deaf community, but two of my favorites are Deaf Night Out, where everyone meets at a local bar or restaurant one night a month for a fun time just hanging out and enjoying good company, all in sign. The second is a biweekly event the Northeastern sign language club, which I am president of, hosts: a coffee hour. We meet for a few hours at a local coffee shop to catch up and sip on good coffee.

RH: Where can other people find out more about Deaf culture and how to get involved in the Deaf community in Boston?

SH: To stay updated on local Deaf events in Mass, I would recommend joining the Mass Deaf Terp yahoo group online. Otherwise, getting on the email list of organizations such as DEAF, Inc is another great way of staying in the loop.

Want to follow Honigfeld’s advice? Visit these sites:

Mass Deaf Terp Yahoo Group


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