Surviving Spring Break!

For every person out there who is trying to lose weight and get in shape there is always a roadblock. For any college student the biggest roadblock of all is spring break-especially if you end up going on vacation for the week. Not only is there more drinking, but people always eat worse when they are out of their usual environment.  Now I feel it is important that I bestow a little bit of knowledge upon those of you new to the health and fitness scene: It is imperative that you do not work out just so you can binge drink and eat on spring break!

I understand completely that many people go on spring break to drink and have a good time. I also realize that many people do not want to go to the gym on spring break, and this is fine. If you are in a warm sunny place go for walks, or go swimming, both are great exercise. These basic forms of exercise are enough to take the edge off, and still allow you to be with your friends, and keep you out of the gym!


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