St. Paddy’s Day causes a ruckus once more

By Sara Berthiaume


Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade is held in the South end of the city which everyone knows contains a large Irish population. Who would have guessed how crazy the entire city would be on this Irish drinking holiday? While the Boston Globe identifies the 8 arrests and 244 citations, what about on Saturday?

I know when I was out and about on actual St. Paddy’s Day afternoon on Saturday, it was hard to find a place that wasn’t crowded – and I’m not talking about Southie. Fanueil Hall and even the Fenway area bars were busy busy busy. It’s no doubt that the crowded streets and seas of green could not have yielded many less citations and arrests.

Although the Irish pride, whether those celebrating were actually Irish or not, seemed to not only be a cause for concern in Boston. According to WTMJ in Milwaukee, there was quite the brawl on Saturday night, despite the police stating how it was blown out of proportion.
Irish or not, wherever you are – It’s always good to have a little fun on St. Paddy’s Day.

Photo: LeeHoffmanPhoto (Flickr/CC)


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