Go Out: Alone

By Nora Cashell

“You went out to eat by yourself?!” exclaimed one of my good friends after I told him of my day wandering through the city.

Photographer: Hiser, David

Call me anti-social, but some of my best memories happened when I went out and ventured alone.

You might find new restaurants, get asked for your number or meet people who like your favorite band. All of these events arguably, might not have  happen if a friend tags along.

Now I’m not saying you should call up your social circle and say, “We need to talk”, but it is important to have a sense of independence. Photographer: Tress, Arthur
Try going solo to a movie or a museum. This allows you to completely do what you want and ponder your thoughts. Not to mention if gives you a chance to meet some new faces.

If you want to be a little more adventurous try going to a restaurant. You may feel vulnerable at first, but bring a newspaper and learn to enjoy solitude.

Going out alone may seem daunting, but it gives you a fresh perspective and the confidence to try new things.


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