First week of spring – plenty of events… but are the arts getting lost?

By Sara Berthiaume


There’s usually plenty going on throughout the city of Boston. With the first day of a spring this week, this means even more outdoor events as people venture out and about with this warm weather. This article names four events going on this weekend to celebrate the beginning of spring. To my surprise, there is a COF performing arts festival on Saturday.


It seems safe to say that this is not a well-known thing… at least within the COF… or at least within Emmanuel. The consortium that is the Colleges of the Fenway usually do a decent job at promoting their events, or at least try to, despite numbers of attendees – which makes this unknown festival even more of a shock. As a personally involved student on campus with campus events and having little to no knowledge of this event, it makes me wonder… are the arts getting lost?

While students at Emmanuel host open-mic nights and talent shows here and there, there never seems to be much ado about ‘art festivals’ – especially when it comes to the COF as a whole. Perhaps this is because the COF does not seem to actually get along that well when it comes to group events. Either way, there is a COF performing arts festival this weekend, and I’m sure it’s something great to check out.

COF @ 15 - Performing arts festival logo


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