Gearing Up for Photo Equipment

Mi equipo fotografico

By BeGoNi CC Flickr

The first step in becoming a great photographer is buying your first camera no point and shoots do not count.

The hardest part with buying a new camera is researching which one to purchase. There are many questions to ponder: Should you buy Canon or Nikon or have to settle for a Fujifilm? Which model should  you consider? and most importantly is it really  worth 800$? Well don’t worry I created a short list that may answer many of your questions.

So lets start off with the first important question: Which brand?

Now, usually this question is always answered with bias. If you ask and person holding a Nikon they will obviously say: buy a Nikon they are the best! But I think that if you are buying your very first digital camera, Canon is your best bet, specially the Rebel Series, due to its simple design. Also Rebels come with a starter kit that includes: One lens (usually 18-55mm) , lens cover, user manual and one less then stylish carrying case.

It is better to start off with a simple model than going off and buying a 45,000$ camera thinking you will instantly show your work at MOMA

Canon EOS 400D

Now you have found the  camera of your dreams lets talk about money. All cameras are expensive, the average range is from 250 (if you are lucky) to 800$  but there are many sites that offer great deals and great refurbished models. I think its better to look online for a solid deal. Buying from a chain like Best Buy is not a good idea due to their small selection and high prices.

The best websites:

Number 1

B&H photo, The actual store is located on 420 9th Ave. at 34th St in New York city. This site is amazing due to its sheer volume of merchandise and its great costumer service. The website offers tutorials and how-to manuals. They even offer a student and educator discount for FREE!! 

Number 2

KEH– This website does have a great refurbished selection and very reasonable prices . They also have a solid repair service. The store has super speedy shipping and its call center is open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Another great thing about this website is they offer to buy old gear incase you want to upgrade.

Number 3

New Egg    I only ranked this site last because I  have only bought my accessories  here. They have awesome deals on external hard drives and software. While browsing their photo selection I noticed that the prices ranged from 500$- 800$ but often only selling the body without a lens

Craigslist and Ebay are an definitely an option but I say this cautiously. If your going to buy a camera online through sites like these you should know what your looking for  and be wiling to ask questions.  Although cameras are pretty durable I wouldn’t buy any sort of expensive item from a website that I do not trust completely.

Hopefully this guide proves to be useful now that you have a camera it is time to shoot! Here is a great blog that offers how-to-tips.

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