Senior Skip Day Crackdown. Pres has a point

This is the Pres I like! None of this vulgarity that makes you laugh/ feel ashamed of yourself for laughing crap. In honor of Senior Skip Day, the Boston Police and State Police were issued to keep a handle on this serious situation. The Boston Herald reports:

“State police are prepared to crack down on hordes of high-schoolers on “skip day” today. “Mass. State Police have developed intelligence that today is skip day in the Boston Public Schools,” spokesman David Procopio said in a statement blasted to media outlets. We are sending numerous troopers from area barracks and tactical units, with assistance from Transit, Boston, and Revere Police, to Revere, Carson, Constitution Beaches and Castle Island.” Authorities had their hands full on March 30, 2011, when as many as 400 teens crowded Carson Beach. One person was arrested and no injuries were reported.”

Really? It’s practically an American tradition.  What ever happened to truant officers? Now we’re sending out the troops? Why don’t we use them for something that can actually be a serious problem?

Barstool says:

“…we can’t have a repeat of last years bloodshed when 400 kids crowed the beach and no injuries or problems were reported. That will not happen again! Bottomline is wherever kids gather the city will be there to stop them. Unless of course it’s a Mac Miller concert on City Hall with 30,000 people where there was no police presence and they almost burned the city to the ground. But 400 kids getting a tan on a senior skip day? Totally different ball game.”

He does have a point. One could argue that its in the interest and protection of the children. I’m all for keeping kids in school, but all I can think is, seriously?


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