The next step. The Title.

by Darlene Charles

I wonder if he’s ready. I am. How do I tell him I want to be his girlfriend? What if he is not ready?

According to the Shirelles, they sang a song called “Please be my Boyfriend.” It says:

Please be my boyfriend
I’ve been waiting for a long long time
All my lonely life to call you mine
Oh little boy, say yes

I tell you (yes yes), why won’t you be my boyfriend?
Please give my heart one little chance
& we can have a real romance
Oh little boy, say yes

… A majority of the time, these thoughts and questions come up in a female’s mind. I want to be your girlfriend.

But the male says, “The only reason you want a boyfriend because you like the sound of it.”

Yes, it sounds nice, but the reality is we, females, want you there. We want someone we can share our feelings with, someone who will be there when we need someone to talk to, and of course someone who will shower us with love, gifts, and comfort…but the most important love.

That’s why we want the title. It’s not to show off, place it in a picture frame, and place it on the shelf for everyone to see. If you want it too, it shows us that you chose us to be with you rather than any other female.

Love Love Love

Photo: Love Love Love by Gregory Jordan Flickr/CC

A male friend told me that when he takes the next step of dating into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, he has to love her. This is true and I agree. You shouldn’t want a title for fun and games, but for love.

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