The Transition

Creative Commons

by Ian Robinson

Trying to combine a horror, action and a slasher film isn’t easy. The goal would be to create the most disturbing zombie movie, enough to be NC-17. Sixteen pages in, I have reached a point where the transition from action to horror has to take place for the first time. It has to be smooth, enough to not to notice a switch between genres. The point of this is to keep the movie going, the viewer shouldn’t notice any change.  To find out more about this, I visited this site,   The story continues in a town where our heroes struggle to get out while even stronger zombies are taking over the military base. Soldiers have just been torn to pieces, dozens can be seen hanging from inside the rundown hospital where they are located. The dead, dying and the decay lay all around them. This is the scene that will mask the transition from action to horror. The transition from seeing the men die in action, to seeing them lay suffering in the dark hallways of the hospital,  to witnessing dozens upon dozens of them hanging from the ceiling leaving the viewer guessing as to why….. to seeing nothing.


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