“Damn, you want some fries with that shake?”

by Nora Cashell

Eating food. You do it. I do it. Its part of the whole staying alive thing The Beejees were talking about.

But not all of us serve food.

So on this journey that is called life, you should try working in a restaurant.Cloud Room Menu, Seattle
At least for dinner shift.

I don’t care if you’re currently a CEO or a Zoologist, you should give the food industry a shot.

Not for monetary gain, but for self-growth.

It teaches you that people who work in a restaurant have to deal with a lot of shit. Whether that be getting yelled at by the chef or crazy co-workers, there’s a lot on a server’s mind.
The job has its ups though. For one thing, you never stop laughing. (Due to the fact that most waiters are struggling comedians.)

So throw on an apron and ask your table “Dayyyum, do you want some fries with that shake?”

Actually, on second thought you might want to keep that comment to yourself. But, go serve your country…I mean local Chili’s.


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