Signing on the Phone? There’s an App For That!

by Raven Heroux

Photo by: Daveynin (CC/Flickr)

How many people think videophone chatting is pointless? Anyone besides me? I never saw the point. Why fiddle with the camera and angle and the sound when you can just make a call? Well, thanks to iDeafNews‘s advertisements, I’ve seen the light.

Z4 Mobile for iOS by Apple is reaching out to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing customers. They’ve created snazzy new app that allows for a stress-free (or close to it) videophone experience. While I wish they were paying me to say this, I’m glad I discovered their site, which includes customer experience videos and commercials in sign language! Check out the YouTube famous xcrippledhope in the Z4 Ladies Man commercial:

Now that’s a fine advertisement, y’all.

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