Wait YOUR Turn

by: Darlene Charles

Many times we want a girlfriend title or we want someone to see the things that matter to us, matter to them. Like I said in my previous blog, “The next step. The title:” You want someone there. someone to share your feelings with, someone who will be there when you need someone to talk to, and someone to love. All these things will come if you just wait.

Waiting is not easy, but the most important thing is you and the person that you’re pursuing determine was it worth the wait. You either go your separate ways and realize this is not the person for you or you both love each other and decide to take the next step.

Waiting also helps you think. Is this the right way to go? Do I really like him?  You start thinking of a lot of questions, and those questions overtime will be answered. The question is do you have the patience to wait your turn and not rush things?

I don't have (anymore) the time that's passed... but I got all the time in the world

By: AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora Flickr/CC


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