Hundred Years of Dominance

By Mitch Moise

From the 27th President William Howard Taft to our current 44th President Barack Obama, Fenway Park has seen it all. 17 presidents in total, Fenway Park will be celebrating its 100th birthday this upcoming baseball season.  FenwayPark, the home of the Boston Redsox is the oldest baseball stadium still being used. Opening day is April 13th, as it is to be a day of remembrance.  The stadium has seen its fair share of superstars play for the home team as well as many championships. Although everything else in the world has changed from technology to cars, Fenway Park remains the same. Glenn Stout from ESPN Boston writes,

“That is why Fenway Park still matters, because as each of us has changed and grown, so has Fenway Park….Fenway Park remains the most special kind of place there is, a place that can still change your life.”

Through out the last 100 years, people have died and babies have been born but Fenway Park has remain the same. During the 100 years of its existence, the Redsox went through a 86 year championship drought but in the end a place called home for many Redsox fans and players never let any one down. As Fenway Park will be celebrating a birthday of 100 years of memories, I know every one hopes for another 100 years of laughs, tears, and championships.


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