Share the moment

by: Darlene Charles

When engaged in a conversation, especially on the phone, be sure to ask how your partner is doing because that’s selfish. You have to share the moment. Kevin Martineau says it best:

First, it is natural. It is human nature to be selfish. We don’t think about other people most of the time. We think about ourselves, our needs, our interests and our hurts.

If you do share the moment, it shows that you care, put them first, and are interested in how their day went. It also shows that you don’t only want someone to care about you, but you care about them as well. It’s great to tell them about your day but when the conversation on the phone lasts just minutes and all you spoke about was yourself, you’re only being selfish. Share the moment.

Many times we don’t realize we go on blabbing about ourselves, and then next thing you know the conversation is over and the person on the line has to go. The reason why I say this is because this happened to me not too long ago. 

He asked how I was doing and I started off by telling him. “I went to my internship today. I was so busy that I lost track of time that I missed my bus.” Blah. Blah. Blah. “I’m headed out so I’ll talk  to you later,” he said. And my response was, “Oh o-k.” Crap I didn’t even ask how he was doing.

pretty girl talking on the phone

Photo by: Francesco Carta Flickr/CC

Don’t always focus on how your day went. What he does matters, too. Give him a chance to tell you how his day was. How was your day or what did you get into today are questions you can ask. Remember taking turns makes the conversation last longer because you both are sharing bits and pieces of your day. And Voila! You told him everything you wanted, not all at once, but in increments. Take turns, be caring, and share the moment.


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