Dressing Responsibly

By: Liz O’Malley

As a college student in Boston, I have a love/hate relationship with Newbury Street. I love it for obvious reasons: the stores, the restaurants, the coffee shops, the street musicians. I hate it because all of these things (besides the Berklee kids plucking away on street corners) cost more money than I make in two weeks.


After wandering the length of Newbury, drooling over window displays and

contemplating opening up multiple credit cards, the huge silver letters of “FOREVER 21” always greet me like a beacon of hope. Hope that I, too, can afford to be fashion-forward. The affordable, 3 floor emporium of trendiness houses unlimited material temptations that you can’t help but indulge in (although when everything costs roughly $15, is it really an indulgence?)

After learning these facts, however, I will not be blinded by the flashy colors and low prices.

  • Forever 21 exploits illegal immigrants in the United States. They set up factories in California that hire undocumented workers and pay them far less than a living wage. They also have shops set up in China, Indonesia, and other countries over seas, paying those workers even less.
  • Surprisingly, the owners of the company are HUGE Evangelical Christians (I guess Christianity is okay with exploiting workers and selling booty shorts. My mistake, I didn’t know) They’ve actually discriminated against workers on a religious basis.
  • They’ve also been accused of copying designers, which has gotten them in a whole lot of copyright trouble. (While this isn’t inhumane, it’s just kind of a lousy thing for a person to do.)

39th and Broadway, a blog about the New York Fashion Industry, advocates against Forever 21 due to their immoral behaviors.


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